Savoury, Nutritional Yogurts By Locke And Mason Now In Goa!

Home grown diversified firm Bennet & Bernard with majority business interest in eco luxury real estate, hospitality & gastronomy, expands its presence in the FMCG sector, and has introduced a new range of Artisanal yogurts under the brand, Locke and Mason in Goa. With the launch of these yogurts, Bennet & Bernard aims to transform the consumption habits of households to a tasty and nutritional option that can be consumed either at the breakfast table or as health dessert or on the go. A new culinary expansion, Locke and Mason is all set to create a niche in the market for healthy eating. The introduction of the new brand comes after the success of world class cold cuts and Black Vanilla Gourmet Store which the company had launched earlier. Bennet & Bernard will also be launching other dairy products under Locke and Mason brand in the near future and will expand to metros & tier 1 cities with its exclusive range of products.

The multiple yogurt flavours available under the new brand Locke and Mason include Artisanal Curd; a traditionally fermented curd, rich in probiotic, plain yogurt- thick and velvety whole milk unflavoured yogurt, Coconut Cream Yogurt (Vegan) – a Plant-based yogurt blended with locally crafted black jaggery, Fruit in Bottom Strawberry Yogurt – a Whole milk yogurt layered over a delicious home-made strawberry compote, and Strawberry Yogurt – a stirred whole milk yogurt blended with homemade strawberry pulp.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder and Chairman, Bennet & Bernard Group, said: “The launch of Locke and Mason aims to provide wise choice to a market that is consciously searching for healthy eating options, in a remarkably delicious way. Being an Artisan creamery, we are firm in providing true artisan taste with a farm to table experience. Our ingredients are locally sourced, and the world class products are infused with natural fruits directly from the farm. The flavours created are one of a kind and innovative, while the range boasts of delightful dairy products that are preservative free. The rich plant-based alternatives also form an integral part of the range, bringing in options unlike any other.”

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